Media Production For
Your Marine Business


for public and private clients in Monaco



H2OMARITIME collaborates with AB Sailing Media to offer specialized media production services tailored to the marine industry.

Our joint offerings ensure premium visual assets for various purposes, whether documenting regattas, showcasing ship manufacturing processes at your shipyard, or capturing the allure and distinctive features of yachts, boats, and ships for brokerage purposes. Operating from renowned harbors globally, including New York, Monaco (Monte Carlo), Dubai, Milan, and Genoa, our partnership guarantees excellence in every project.

The power of silence

X Shore creates high performance all-electric powered boats that are changing and charging the boat industry for a fossil free tomorrow. The boats are a result of Scandinavian design that blends with nature, Swedish maritime craftsmanship, innovative solutions and cutting-edge technology.

Brokerage Media

Our mission in boat brokerage media production is to showcase vessels' features and perks with a clean and comprehensive style. We specialize in crafting high-quality images that effectively convey the beauty and features of boats, ships, and yachts. Our tailored service helps your potential clients find their perfect match. Using a variety of cameras, including aerial, sea level, and interior shots, we accurately depict every detail of the vessel. Our project-based approach ensures you receive a customized quote to meet your needs.


Stunning backdrops, thrilling sailing, and enthusiastic crowds—these are the essential elements for an unforgettable regatta atmosphere. Having participated in numerous regattas, Alessandro understands their undeniable charm firsthand. AB Sailing aims to encapsulate this atmosphere and passion through its regatta-focused content production. For regattas, we provide video and photo shoots using a variety of techniques: aerial shots (drones and helicopters), onboard cameras, and external shots. Our expertise ensures the perfect capture of the regatta's unique atmosphere in our content. Our services are project-based, offering tailored quotes to meet your specific needs.


Capturing the intricate process of designing and building a ship is a crucial moment for every shipyard launch: the meticulous craftsmanship invested in every detail reflects the vessel's essence, deserving to be showcased in its entirety. Our media production for ship launches provides a comprehensive overview of the event. With Alessandro's background as a yacht designer and set director, we possess the expertise to construct elaborate sets where multiple cameras and actors collaborate to depict the entire ship story, delivering an impressive final product. Our services are project-based, ensuring you receive a customized quote tailored to your specific requirements.